Advancing Medical Device Development through Human-Centered Design

Session Organizer: Danny Gelfman, Medtronic

Join us for an engaging session focused on the pivotal role of human-centered approaches in the development of cutting-edge medical devices. Through a series of enlightening presentations with practical insights, this session will explore key strategies that drive innovation, foster inclusivity, and prioritize great experiences for the users of medical devices.

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Applying In-depth User Research to Enhance Market Value and Innovation in Medical Device Development

Janet Creaser - DMD Speaker

Janet Creaser

Janet Creaser is the Senior Vice President of the Human Factors / UX team at Ipsos. Her team specializes in the full user experience of medical technology, pharmaceutical products, and healthcare digital applications. Janet has 24 years of experience as a Human Factors scientist in the medical device, transportation, and aerospace industries. Her expertise is in research strategy as it applies to the full research needs for product development, from user needs identification to post-market evaluation. Her prior experience includes 8 years at Medtronic in the Neuromodulation and Renal Care solutions divisions, where she was a Technical Fellow. Prior to Medtronic, Janet was a Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota, Department of Mechanical Engineering for 11 years, as well as worked in applied research at Honeywell Aerospace and the University of Calgary. Janet’s academic credentials include numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations in the human factors field and she has three patents in user-centered design. Janet holds a PhD in human factors and ergonomics from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in engineering psychology with a specialty in perception, aging and cognitive ergonomics from the University of Calgary.

The value and imperative of identifying appropriate representatives for user research to inform successful product development.

Greg Johnson - DMD Speaker

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson, Director of Human Centered Design at Veranex (formerly Worrell) is a committed practitioner of Human Centered Design with 25 years of experience in Medtech Design and Innovation for a variety of market leading and award-winning design teams such as Ethicon and a broad swath of J&J’s Medtech portfolio, Kaleidoscope and Worrell. With over 110 patents and 40 published ideas, Greg has strived to bridge the technical and the human. With a firm believe that, as designers and innovators,  the position and opportunity we hold to impact the human experience is a profound privilege that is only successful through meaningful exploration of true user needs and collaboration across multiple disciplines of which Design is but one.

Designing safe, usable, and inclusive medical devices via iterative user testing

Kat Jayne - DMD Speaker

Kat Jayne
Fathom Consulting

Kat Jayne is a Principal Consultant at Fathom Consulting, a human-centered design firm in Minneapolis. She is an experienced UX researcher, information architect, and strategist who thinks deeply about her clients’ challenges and homes in on the insights that matter most. Kat holds a Master of Library and Information Science from The College of St. Catherine and entered the field of human-centered design by way of taxonomies, metadata, and information design.

Session Organizer Bio

Danny Gelfman - Workshop Speaker and Session Organizer

Danny Gelfman

In his 22 years of experience in med device design, with the last 12 at Medtronic, Danny has pioneered the use of human-centered design across the enterprise. He is the “go-to” for organizing, visualizing, and implementing big ideas that are user facing.  As Medtronic’s first Distinguished Designer, he also serves as lead for Medtronic’s HCD community of practice.’