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2023 DMD Conference Materials

2022 DMD Conference Materials

2022 DMD Awardee Matthew M. Cooper, MD, MBA

Matthew Cooper, 3M - 2022 DMD Awardee

Dr. Cooper serves as Chief Medical Officer of the Medical Solutions Division & Director, Global Safety for the Health Care Business Group. He has previously served as Medical Information Director at 3M's Health Information Systems. He is a Diplomat of the American Boards of Thoracic Surgery and Surgery, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) and of the Civil Aviation Medical Association (FCAMA), and an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medicine Association. He is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College (BA, Mathematics & Biology), New York University School of Medicine (MD), and Watson Graduate School of Management, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University (MBA). In addition to Residencies and Chief Residencies in General Surgery (New York University Medical Center, The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics) and Thoracic Surgery (Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center), he also completed a Medical Staff Fellowship in the Surgery Branch of the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery and Transplantation at The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, UK. He has also studied Health Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and Comprehensive Medical Simulation, both at Harvard University.

Dr. Cooper's research has included pioneering methods of immunosuppression for primate cardiac xenograft transplantation. In addition to his 3M responsibilities, he serves in multiple capacities at the University of Minnesota as a member of the Industrial Advisory Board of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine, various roles with the Design for Medical Device and innovation programs, and the Pediatric Device Breakthrough Collaborative. He also serves on the Board of the Fetal Therapy Foundation & Think Tank.

Dr. Cooper is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, expert in Aviation Physiology, and a Special Consultant to the Federal Air Surgeon. He is a commercial pilot, flight instructor, and aerobatic and formation air show performer, and has flown a variety of single and multi-engine, general and military aircraft. He has been a leader in the application of aviation-based safety culture to health care.

2022 DMD Special Event

DMD, Korea - Oct. 26-28, 2022

The 2nd Annual DMD, Korea Conference was held October 26 to October 28 in Pohang, South Korea.
Check out the 2022 Program today by clicking the button below.

2022 DMD, Korea Program

2020 DMD Conference Materials

2020 DMD Awardee David Knapp, PhD

David Knapp 2020 DMD Awardee

David Knapp is a leader in Medical Device Development and Exploratory Research working to treat unmet clinical needs for 20 years. Dave’s current focus as Vice President of Corporate Research at Boston Scientific is on developing new solutions and fostering growth in adjacent and strategic areas of the company and developing novel technical platforms that cut across all Boston Scientific Divisions. He is passionate about coordinating open collaborative efforts including developing relationships with external institutions and connecting functions to drive meaningful innovation. Dave also serves as President of the Board for the Boston Scientific Foundation, is the Executive Sponsor in Minnesota for the Employee Resource Group Leadership, Education and Allies for Disabilities, and is a member of the Boston Scientific Health Advisory Panel.

He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Minnesota where he is a Fellow and Industrial Advisor of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine and a member of the External Advisory Board for the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. Dave also serves as a member of the External Advisory Boards for the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering at University of Michigan, and the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design at Johns Hopkins University.

2019 DMD Conference Materials

2019 DMD Awardee Dawn Bardot, PhD

Dawn Bardot 2019 DMD Awardee

As Director of Healthcare Innovation, Dawn leads the Applied Innovation Lab at Medtronic. She has 15+ years of experience in medical devices including high intensity focused ultrasound and patient specific noninvasive FFR. Her previous roles included Vice President of Technology Innovation at the Medical Device Innovation Consortium, a public private partnership with FDA, patient groups, and medical device industry. There, she created high-impact volunteer teams that produced a statistical framework for incorporating virtual patients in clinical trials, increased the acceptance of computer modeling as regulatory evidence, and demonstrated digital data capture with a patient partnership. In 2016 she led the launch the FDA designated National Evaluation System for health Technology (NEST) coordinating center which is enabling the future of real-world evidence.

Dawn has a BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Kansas State University, a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington, was a Medical Device Innovation Fellow at the University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center, and spent two summers as a Faculty Fellow at NASA Marshal Space Flight Center.

Dawn lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two dogs. She and loves to visit the Boundary Waters and Superior National Forrest for skiing, camping, canoeing and time with friends.

2018 DMD Conference Materials

2018 Program(.pdf)

2018 Sponsors(.pdf)

2018 Keynotes and Featured Speakers(.pdf)

2018 Three-in-Five Competition Winners(.pdf)

2018 Student Design Showcase Winners(.pdf)

2018 At-a-Glance Conference Stats(.pdf)

Proceedings of DMD2018 in the ASME Digital Collection

AABME Podcast
Molly Fuller "Designing Autism Friendly Clothing"

AABME Podcast
George Church "Portable Genome Monitoring, Aging, and More"

AABME Podcast
Conor Walsh "Soft Wearable Exoskeletons Challenge Status Quo"


2018 DMD Special Event:

DMD, China Program(.pdf)


2018 DMD Awardee Earl E. Bakken, PhD

Earl Bakken 2018 DMD Awardee

Aloha to you all from my home in Hawaii.

Congratulations on the 17th Annual Design of Medical Devices Conference, the world’s largest gathering of this type, hosted by the University of Minnesota, where the medical device industry originated for our country.

I am honored to receive the 2018 DMD Award, joining a group of notable experts, several of whom are my friends and colleagues.

Your innovation is crucial to the advancement of healthcare that keeps the well-being of the patient as its focus. As an electrical engineer in the early days, I spend may hours side-by-side with doctors and surgeons, at times in the operating room where other engineers didn’t dare to go, so that their needs and new ideas could be expeditiously developed, getting life saving therapies to patients in record time.

This type of collaboration is key to finding new ways to help people live longer, fuller lives, allowing them to live on and give on and make our world a better place. This has been my calling for the past several years, as I am on my second pacemaker and enjoy a healthy life at age 94 with my insulin pump and stents.

Best wishes for a successful meeting. Please stop by and visit me whenever you are in Hawaii. I still work each day and look forward to visits from colleagues and friends.

Thank you again for this prestigious award and keep up your good work. Living on, giving on, dreaming on.

2017 DMD Conference Materials

2017 Program(.pdf)

2017 Sponsors(.pdf)

2017 Keynotes and Featured Speakers(.pdf)

2017 Three-in-Five Competition Winners(.pdf)

2017 Student Design Showcase Winners(.pdf)

2017 At-a-Glance Conference Stats(.pdf)

Proceedings of DMD2017 in the ASME Digital Collection

AABME Article
Insights into the Design of Medical Devices

VR & 3D Printing for Heart Treatment

AABME Podcast
Curative Research for Spinal Cord Injuries: GUSU2Cure Paralysis

AABME Podcast
Genetics, Software, and Big Data


2017 DMD Special Events:

DMD, Europe Program(.pdf)

DMD, China Program(.pdf)


2017 DMD Awardee Stephen Oesterle, MD

Steve Oesterle 2017 DMD Awardee

Dr. Stephen Oesterle currently serves as an advisor to several private equity groups and operating companies in the healthcare industry including New Enterprise Associates, Temasek Holdings, Samsung and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Oesterle recently retired from Medtronic plc, the world’s largest medical device company. He joined Medtronic’s executive committee in 2002 as Senior Vice President for Medicine and Technology. In this role he provided leadership for Medtronic scientific research, formation of technological strategies and continued development of strong cooperative relationships with the world's medical communities, technical universities, financial institutions and emerging medical device companies.

Previously, Dr. Oesterle served as Associate Professor of Medicine at the Harvard University Medical School and as Director of Invasive Cardiology Services at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. A teacher and innovator in the field of interventional cardiology, he has also developed and directed interventional cardiology programs at Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles; at Georgetown University; and at Stanford University.

Dr. Oesterle is a 1973 summa cum laude graduate of Harvard College and received his medical doctorate with honors from Yale University in 1977. He completed his internship and residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and served as a post-doctoral fellow in interventional cardiology at Stanford.

Dr. Oesterle resides in Minneapolis with his wife Adrienne and two children.

2016 DMD Conference Materials

2016 Program(.pdf)

2016 Sponsors(.pdf)

2016 Keynotes and Featured Speakers(.pdf)

2016 Three-in-Five Competition Winners(.pdf)

2016 Student Design Showcase Winners(.pdf)

2016 At-a-Glance Conference Stats(.pdf)

2016 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 10, Issue 2 (June 2016)

2016 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 10, Issue 2 (Sept. 2016)

2016 Promo Video(YouTube)


2016 DMD Special Event
Global Harmonization of Medical Device Regulations Symposium

Symposium Program

Symposium Speakers

Symposium Sponsors

2015 DMD Conference Materials

2015 Program(.pdf)

2015 Sponsors(.pdf)

2015 Keynotes and Featured Speakers(.pdf)

2015 Three-in-Five Competition Winners(.pdf)

2015 Student Design Showcase Winners(.pdf)

2015 At-a-Glance Conference Stats(.pdf)

2015 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 9, Issue 2 (June 2015)

2015 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 9, Issue 2 (Sept. 2015)


2015 DMD Special Event: DMD, Europe


2015 DMD Awardee Susan Alpert, PhD

Susan Alpert 2015 DMD Awardee

Susan Alpert, PhD, MD is currently the principle of SFA Consulting LLC, a one person firm focused on the strategies needed to place medical devices into the global market. Dr. Alpert joined Medtronic in July 2003 as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance. She was Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs at her retirement in May, 2011 and in this role was responsible for all Medtronic global regulatory policy efforts. Prior to joining Medtronic, Susan served C.R. Bard, Inc., as Vice President of Regulatory Sciences. She also previously worked at the FDA where she held a variety of positions in the Centers dealing with drugs, devices and radiological health, and foods, including six years as the Director of the Office of Device Evaluation. She is a microbiologist and pediatrician with a specialty in infectious diseases and has practical experience in laboratory research and clinical trials.

Susan is Chairperson of the board of SWHR (Society for Women’s Health Research), an organization promoting research on gender differences in health and disease, and has served on the board of the Food Drug Law Institute (FDLI), a forum for the FDA and the legal, business, academic and consumer communities to exchange perspectives on public policy, law and regulation relating to products subject to FDA jurisdiction. She served on the board of advisors for the Medical Technology Leadership Forum (MTLF), an educational organization focused on policy makers, the general public, and the media regarding critical issues affecting the development and adoption of advanced medical technology. In addition, Susan served on the board of the Women Business Leaders (WBL), an organization of women leaders in the health care sector and on the board of the Minnesota International Center. She is also a past Chair of the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society and a Fellow in that society. Susan served on the Executive Committee of the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI), one of the public/private partnerships working with the FDA to streamline the development of medical products.

Susan completed her undergraduate degree at Barnard College, Columbia University in New York City and holds a master’s degree and PhD in Biomedical Sciences from New York University. She received her medical degree from the University of Miami (Florida) and completed her clinical training at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New York and at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC.

2014 DMD Conference Materials

2014 Program(.pdf)

2014 Sponsors(.pdf)

2014 Keynotes and Featured Speakers(.pdf)

2014 Three-in-Five Competition Winners(.pdf)

2014 Student Design Showcase Winners(.pdf)

2014 At-a-Glance Conference Stats(.pdf)

2014 Fox 9 Interviewwith Dr. Rob Sweet

2014 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 8, Issue 2 (June 2014)

2014 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 8, Issue 2 (Sept. 2014)


2014 DMD Special Event: DMD, Europe


2014 DMD Awardee Just Herder, PhD

Just Herder 2014 DMD Awardee

Just Herder is a full professor of Interactive Mechanisms and Mechatronics at Delft University of Technology (0.8 fte) and of Mechanisms and Robotics Design at the University of Twente (0.2 fte). He has widely published in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences and has received several international awards. He is EC member of IFToMM, board member of several international IEEE and ASME conferences, associate editor in different international journals, and Editor-in-Chief in another one. Six start-up companies have emerged from his research and he holds over a dozen international patents in different areas of mechanism design.

2013 DMD Conference Materials

2013 Program(.pdf)

2013 Sponsors(.pdf)

2013 Keynotes and Featured Speakers(.pdf)

2013 Three-in-Five Competition Winners(.pdf)

2013 Student Design Showcase Winners(.pdf)

2013 At-a-Glance Conference Stats(.pdf)

2013 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 7, Issue 2 (June 2013)

2013 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 7, Issue 2 (Sept. 2013)


2013 DMD Special Event

DMD, Europe Program


2013 DMD Awardee Randy Schiestl, PMP

Randy Schiestl 2013 DMD Awardee

Randall (Randy) Schiestl, PMP is the Vice President of Research and Development at Boston Scientific. He has BSME, MBA and Executive MBA degrees from the University of Minnesota. Randy received the UMAA Alumni Service Award from the College of Science & Engineering in 2011.

2012 DMD Conference Materials

2012 DMD Awardee Norm Dann

Norm Dann 2012 DMD Awardee

Norman (Norm) Dann, Mentor, Innovation Fellows Program, Medical Device Center, University of Minnesota, board member for several medical device companies. Mentor Innovation Fellowship, Medical Device Center, University of Minnesota. Formerly: general partner, co-founder Pathfiner Venture Capital Funds. VP Sales and Marketing, Sr. VP Development Medtronic. Founder of The Dann Company a sales and service organization representing medical device and laboratory instrument manufacturers. Project manager Designers for Industry. BSIE Pennsylvania State University.

2011 DMD Conference Materials

2011 DMD Awardee Tim Laske, PhD

Tim Laske 2011 DMD Awardee

Tim is currently the Vice President of Product Development for the AF Solutions Business at Medtronic and a Bakken Fellow and Technical Fellow. His previous roles at Medtronic include Senior Product Development Director for Heart Valves, Senior Program Director for Transcatheter Valves, Technology Director for Therapy Deliver in Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management, and technology management and design engineering positions in Tachyarrhythmia Lead Development. Prior to his tenure at Medtronic, he worked as a Design Engineer at Ford Motor Company in Crash Safety and Advanced Vehicle Systems Engineering. Tim has a Bachelor of Science degree in both Biological Sciences and Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He received his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his PhD inBiomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota where he serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor. His doctoral research was centered on the use of isolated working hearts in the design of medical devices (Visible Heart®: In addition to medical device design and cardiac physiology, his research interests include the study of hibernation physiology in wild black bear populations. He is active in supporting the development of Minnesota and the U.S. as centers of excellence in medical devices and biotechnology, including trade trips with Governor Ventura and Pawlenty to China and Governor Pawlenty to Canada. He is also on the Board of Directors of the BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota, has 49 U.S. patents, and numerous publications in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

2010 DMD Conference Materials

2010 DMD Awardee Richard Nazarian

Richard Nazarian 2010 DMD Awardee

"We have worked diligently to assemble the highly talented and motivated workforce that presently makes up Minnetronix."

Richard (Rich) Nazarian graduated from Stanford University in 1984 with Bachelor and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering.

Rich has worked in the medical device development field for over 20 years. He began as an engineer leading product development efforts for implantable artificial heart electronic systems, cardiopulmonary bypass systems, laser imaging systems, and other medical and industrial devices for 3M Company. He is:

  • A five-time winner of 3M divisional technical excellence awards and a one-time winner of the corporate technical excellence award.
  • The principal inventor on nine patents ranging from telemetry systems for implantable devices to networked cardiopulmonary bypass systems.
  • The principal author of numerous papers ranging from artificial heart control systems to medical device development methods.
  • A 2006 Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering in Washington, D.C.
  • A 2008 recipient of "One of 100 Notable People in the Medical Device Industry" Award by the editors of Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Magazine.

Since founding Minnetronix with Jonathan Pierce and Dirk Smith in 1996, Rich has worked as its President and CEO, and has continued to be a leader in the development of new and innovative medical devices. These include diverse instruments ranging from cancer treatment systems to heart-lung machines, nerve growth stimulators, and ventricular assist devices.

2009 DMD Conference Materials

2009 Program(.pdf)

2009 Sponsors(.pdf)

2009 Three-in-Five Competition Winners(.pdf)

2009 At-a-Glance Conference Stats(.pdf)

2009 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 3, Issue 2 (June 2009)


2009 DMD Awardee Rebecca Bergman

Rebecca Bergman2009 DMD Awardee

Becky joined Medtronic 2 years ago, and she has been a leader in the advancement of biologically oriented sciences at Medtronic. She is currently Vice President, New Therapies and Diagnostics in the CRDM business unit.

Previously, Becky was Vice President, Science & Technology, with responsibility for Medtronic’s Corporate Life Sciences Research and the Materials and Information Science R&D groups as well as overseeing Corporate innovation programs and other corporate technology initiatives. Prior to this job, Becky held scientific and R&D management positions of increasing responsibility within the corporation.

She has received several of Medtronic’s highest honors. This includes membership in the Bakken Society, an honorary society for Medtronic’s most distinguished scientific and technical contributors, and recipient of the Wallin Leadership Award, which recognizes outstanding leadership at Medtronic. In 2000, Becky played a key role in development of Medtronic’s “Vision 2010,” a 10-year strategic plan for the corporation. Since that time Becky has been a leader in technology strategic planning and execution of new corporate R&D initiatives.

Becky holds a B.S degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University, and she has completed graduate studies in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. She has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota and has taught Biomedical Engineering courses there. Becky is a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. She recently served on the Committee on Engineering and the Health Care System that developed a report from the National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine entitled, “Building a Better Delivery System: A New Engineering / Health Care Partnership”. She currently serves on the National Advisory Council for the NIH’s National Institute for Biological Imaging and Bioengineering. Becky also serves on the Board of Directors for TEI Biosciences, Inc. and the Bakken Library and Museum, and she is on the Board of Trustees of The College of St. Catherine and Gustavus Adolphus College.

2008 DMD Conference Materials

2008 Program(.pdf)

2008 Sponsors(.pdf)

2008 At-a-Glance Conference Stats(.pdf)

2008 PapersASME Journal of Medical Devices Volume 2, Issue 2 (June 2008)


2008 DMD Awardee Fred Colen

Fred Colen 2008 DMD Awardee

Fred Colen is Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology, Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) at Boston Scientific Corporation. Previously, Fred was the Company's Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. He joined the Company in 1999 as Vice President of Research and Development of Scimed and, in February 2001, he was promoted to Senior Vice President, Cardiovascular Technology of Scimed.

Before joining the Company, Fred worked for several medical device companies, including Guidant, where he launched the Delta T DDD Pacemaker platform, and St. Jude Medical (now Abbott Labs), where he served as Managing Director for the European subsidiary of the Cardiac Rhythm Management Division and as Executive Vice President, responsible for worldwide Research & Development for implantable pacemaker systems.

Fred was educated in The Netherlands and Germany and holds the U.S. equivalent of a master's degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on medical technology from the Technical University in Aachen, Germany. He was the Vice President of the International Association of Prosthesis Manufacturers (IAPM) in Brussels from 1995 to 1997.

2007 DMD Conference Materials

2007 Program(.pdf)


2007 DMD Awardee Dale Wahlstrom

Dale Wahlstrom 2007 DMD Awardee

Dale recently retired from Medtronic after 24 years. Most recently he served as Vice President of Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management Venture Programs. Prior to this he served as Vice President/General Manager of the Cardiac Rhythm Management Therapy Delivery business. Before Medtronic, he held management and sales positions at Litton Microwave and Burroughs Corporation.

Today, he serves as the CEO for The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota. The Alliance is an organization dedicated to the advancement of bioscience based businesses in the state of Minnesota.

Dale received his MS in Manufacturing Systems from the University of St. Thomas in 1994, and his BS in Engineering and Technology with focus in Electronic Engineering from St. Cloud State University in 1978.

He is currently a member of several industrial advisory and governors boards for different universities and companies. In 1988 he was a recipient of the Medtronic Star of Excellence Award, and in 1997 he received the Wallin Leadership Award. In 2002 Dale was recognized as the outstanding graduate of the year by the engineering department of St. Cloud State University. He currently has seven patents in medical device technology with several more pending.

2006 DMD Conference Materials

2006 Program(.pdf)


2006 DMD Awardee Peter Gove

Peter Gove 2006 DMD Awardee

Peter was vice president of Corporate Relations and a corporate officer at St. Jude Medical from 1994-2005. His responsibilities included corporate communications, company spokesman, U.S. and international public policy and government relations. He was St. Jude's liaison with the University of Minnesota, active in the Advanced Medical Technology Association, served on the Medical Alley board of directors and is a founding member of the Medical Technology Leadership Forum.

Prior to joining St Jude Medical, Peter held several executive positions with Control Data Corporation. Earlier in his career, he devoted a decade to public service for the State of Minnesota and U.S. government in both the executive and legislative branches.

Peter is on the board of directors of three private companies, two in Minnesota in the medical technology industry and the other in Sacramento, CA in the online government information market. For the past 6 months, he has volunteered as a co-chair for the Citizens League Medical Facilities Study Committee whose report will be released. He is also on three nonprofit boards.

2005 DMD Conference Materials

2005 Program(.pdf)

2005 White Paper

Leading the Change for Breakthroughs in Health Through Medical Device Advancements (.pdf)

2003 DMD Conference Materials

2001 DMD Conference Materials

"DMD is the best conference to attend, if you want to learn about the cutting edge research in the medical field, and to talk in a comfortable environment with researchers, Key Opinion Leaders and peers. I have personally attended and spoken at many conferences. DMD's content quality is hands-down the best of all the conferences." 

-Past Conference Speaker, Attendee and Sponsor-

Conference Goals

  • Provide a national forum to bring together world-class medical device designers, researchers, manufacturers, and the public sector to share perspectives and innovations in medical device design,
  • Showcase the University of Minnesota as a leader in the medical device community, and
  • Raise funds from corporate sponsorships to support medical device education at the University of Minnesota