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Participate in the Student Design Showcase

Student Research Teams are invited to submit their work to the 13th Annual Design of Medical Devices Conference Student Design Showcase. The purpose of the showcase is to promote and publicize excellence in medical device design by teams of undergraduate and graduate students conducted as part of their course work. Outstanding student designs will be selected to compete in a live poster session held during the Design of Medical Devices Conference. The top three teams will receive one of three cash prizes.


  1. Design was done by an undergraduate or graduate student design team
  2. Design was done as a project in a regular course
  3. Design was not a graduate or undergraduate research project or thesis project
  4. Design is a medical device

Dr. William Durfee, Showcase Chair ([email protected])
Trisha Huntosh, Conference Coordinator ([email protected])

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2024 Printing & Presentation Instructions

Your team information will be added to the competition page when you confirm. 

Registration for DMD is Required for Participation
Each person on your team that will be onsite needs to register for DMD. Please choose the Student option. Discount code for student authors has been given to your the team lead.

NOTE: DMD is a part of IEM Innovation Week. If you are registering for other events during the week there will be add-on options available under the Multiple Events option. Your discount code will not apply to other events - If you have questions, reach out to [email protected].



  1. Email [email protected] – Coffman Union Digital Print Center
  2. Subject line must be “DMD 2024 Showcase Poster + your team lead's last name”
  3. Attach a high quality PDF of your poster to be printed
  4. Posters cannot exceed 91”w x 42”h. Posters must be within these exact dimensions in order to be printed with Coffman.
  5. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS APRIL 1, by 11:59 pm CST.
  6. Full cost of printing will need to be covered by your team when your order is confirmed. Costs vary depending on color, size and printing materials but prices are very reasonable.

ALL posters printed through Coffman, will be delivered to the Graduate Minneapolis and available for pick-up after 5:00 pm Monday, April 8 and from 7:30am-3:00pm on Tuesday, April 9. 

If there is an issue with your poster, you will need to connect with Coffman directly. DMD Staff will not be able to assist with print or delivery errors. Questions should be directed to Coffman Union Digital Print Center at [email protected].



McNamara Alumni Center, Memorial Hall from 5:30-7:30 pm on Tuesday, April 9.
Posters can be set-up as early as 4:00 pm but required to be displayed no later than 5:25 pm.

  • Poster boards are 91”w x 49”h
  • There will be a small table for prototypes at each board. Power in not guaranteed.
  • Boards will have paper titles displayed in the upper corner to identify where your poster should be set-up.
  • There will be 10- T-pins placed near the paper title on the board for your use.
  • You are required to have someone available/near your board during the whole competition.
  • After the competition, return the pins the way that you found them.
  • Any posters left, will be thrown away.

Please reach out to your contact author with any questions first. If you still have additional questions, contact [email protected]



Your design will be competing for one of three cash prizes: Grand Prize: $500, Second Place: $300, Third Place: $200.
To be eligible for a prize, at least one of the authors must be at the poster during the entire competition. 


Travel & Accommodations

Showcase attendees must reserve and pay for their own travel and accommodations. Hotel reservations can be made directly through Graduate Minneapolis under the discounted DMD Room Block.

Submissions Instructions for 2024 - Closed

  • A document containing concise engineering writing that describes the design.
  • You are free to format the paper in the style you think is best for an engineering reader to understand your design. Entry must have:
    • Cover page with title (80 character limit), name of each student designer, university, department, course name and course number, and contact information for the corresponding author (email and telephone)
    • Two to three pages with three sections:
      Section 1- A description of the problem you are trying to solve, including describing current or competing solutions
      Section 2- A description of your design, including a rendering that best describes the concept
      Section 3- An evaluation, including results of testing, that demonstrates your design does or could work to its intended purpose. As appropriate, include a high-quality image of your prototype
  • All content, including figures, charts and reference list must be contained in the three page limit.
  • For readability, margins must be at least one inch all around and body text must be no smaller than 11 point.
  • Submission document must be a single PDF file.
  • A student author should serve as the lead/contact.